Rachel Batallang
Very nice overall. The instructor was very patient and well informed. I also feel that I properly learned the material with the session.
Karla Samaniego
Very energetic instructor. She explained everything in detail. 100% recommended.
Alba S
J&A CPR Services is a good place to get your certificate, Mrs. Sanchez was a really good instructor, definitely hands on despite COVID-19, plus my arms are still sore from the training, but worth it if I can save a life! Highly recommend this place, plus they have trainings daily!!
Dominique Rodriguez
J&A was an amazing and professional place. I went to get my BLS renewed and it was a very simple and straightforward class. You will be able to have a hands on experience. I totally recommend to come here, you'll have an amazing experience and be able to learn what you need to.
Roxy Karyl
I took my BLS and ACLS classes here last week! I’m glad I took my training here, the instructor, Ms. Sanchez, was very informative and accommodating. Covid guidelines were followed accordingly and the place was very clean, as well as the equipments. The BLS class was straight to the point, and the instructor made sure we understood through return demonstration and hands on actvities. I was alone in the room when i took ACLS class for the first time. What i liked most about it was I was able to study and watch the videos at my own pace in order to digest the information better. Took an exam after and had a zoom meeting with the instructor to go over my answers and questions. It was very convenient, fast, and easy. I learned a lot! Would highly recommend this place.
Tzofia Gnzle
Great Instructor, healthy environment, and an awesome hands on learning experience! Knowing how to save a life IS ESSENTIAL!
Hans C.
I did my BLS renewal with Miss Sanchez and couldn't have been more pleased! Excellent instructor and great customer service! Will continue to renew with her!